A history of KOVOSTROJ, a.s. company Medzilaborce started in 1958 by setting up of an engineering factory Transporta n.p. Chrudim, factory 06 Medzilaborce. The main production program in this period was the production of small light and medium conveyors. Subsequently, in 1963 the factory was organizationally affiliated to Mostareň Brezno.

In 1973 the company was delimited to the Vihorlat Snina company with the original manufacturing program, which has been extended to the production of boilers for central heating system, mechanical shovels, carriage cases, belt conveyors and steel constructions. As one of the Vihorlatu Snina factories, it omega replica had existed until 1990, when it was delimited to VSŽ š.p. Košice.

During following years some subsidiary companies had emerged within VSŽ, a.s. group Košice. In 2000 a company VSŽ STROJLAB a.s. Medzilaborce was established. In 2005 there was a change of owner, the new owner of the company became STRIP Košice. In the following years the company expanded its portfolio range with the production technology continous colour coating and galvanizing lines, asphalt technology plan and manufacturing equipment for the energy industry.

The general assembly of the company had decided to change itscompany name and on 16 March 2007 a new company name KOVOSTROJ a.s. Medzilaborce was incorporated onto the Register of Business Names.